The Whisperer in Darkness- A Lovecraftian Tale


Seemingly isolated encounters. A folklore turned reality. From a forest to the outer space. The predetermined discovery of a new planet. From mystery to horror to sci-fi, another great HP Lovecraft story. The right story with just the right amount of ambiguity.

Isolated Encounters

The Dunwich Horror (1972) by Victor Valla

There appear to be reports of wing-liked creatures on a forested-hillside. There were three separate sightings. One in the east, another at the west and one located near the bend of a river. There has been quite a few witnesses to such creatures, but nothing has been proven. Probably just people fascinated by my folklore.

An Interesting Correspondence

The Dunwich Horror (1972) by Victor Valla

There was an interesting mail sent by someone who lives close to the hillside in question. He urged me to not draw too much attention to the phenomenon. He must have believed in the phenomenon, but I decided to keep his correspondence and wrote a letter of response.

The Researched Materials

The image I see around, no idea of source.

The correspondent sent me some rather interesting material. This includes a phonograph as well as images of faint footprints. This was followed by a story: There have been occasions where his guard dogs would end up barking at the unseen. Sometimes, this resulted in either the disappearance or massacre of the dogs.

The Ritual

Ceremonial Castings

The phonograph appear to show just a few people chanting some words as part of some sort of ceremony. This was followed by a whispering-voice of something otherworldly towards the end of the audio recording. What could have that possibly been?

The Buzzing

The Dunwich Horror (1972) by Victor Valla

The correspondent warned me of a recent discovery. He had heard an accursed buzzing sound emanating for the hillside which temporarily plunged him into the shallow abyss of his sanity. Shockingly, he managed to appear to have recorded this, which he later sent to me.

The Piercing Sound

Insanity by Tegan

After receiving the message alongside the phonograph, I was reluctant to listen. What kind of sound could tear a man into the very depths of his sanity? Surely, it can’t be anything that freaky. But will all the evidence of something unusual taking place at the hillside. I decided to listen, instantly regretting it. I felt my psych breaking. What on Earth could have possibly produced such a hideous and unnatural sound? I seriously wished I never listened to it.

The Lost Box

The Dunwich Horror (1972) by Victor Valla

The correspondent had discovered an unusual black stone. Something ancient and very alien-looking. However, the correspondent believed there were human spies among these beings and didn’t trust his package to be delivered from his area. He decided to travel further out to a different post office and sent the package there. However, the package never made it and the precious artifact was lost forever.

The Sudden Halt

The Dunwich Horror (1972) by Victor Valla

All of a sudden, the correspondence stopped. There was no communication. Until one day, a letter was received, but with anomalous results. The handwriting appeared different and the signature appeared to be misspelled. Not to mention the unusual content of the letter. He had been telling me to stay away from the hillside the entire time, but this time, he was inviting me to visit him. It is all highly unusual. Everything feels off.

The Travel

The Whisperer in Darkness- House of Henry Akeley by Cmy Cai

I decided to meet him, even though my guts told me not to. I was met by a friendly traveler who offered to take me to the house of my correspondent. I accepted it. What I noticed was everything appeared to be silent in the area. I couldn’t really sense anything around. After a while, we finally arrive at the house and he takes his leave.

The Isolated Man

The Whisperer in Darkness — Upstairs by Cmy Cai

Nobody answered the door. I helped my way in. After exploring, I finally found him sitting on the corner, completely stone-faced. He talks in a whispering tone for some reason, but I let it slide off. I decided to head towards the cellar and discovered an cylinder-apparatus with what appears to be a brain at the inside of it.

It Talks

The Whisperer in Darkness — the Study /Night by Cmy Cai

After connecting some wires, the brain-based apparatus was able to project a sound: a voice. It started talking in an unusual metallic tone or however you describe it. He said not to fear him and that this was done out of his free-will. Nobody forced him. He saw the human body was a physical constraint, an hindrance for travel to outer space. A hindrance?



He told me that these beings who live in this forested-hillside have been here for longer than the existence of humanity. This area is merely an outpost, travelling from the darkest parts of space. These beings came the planet of Ya’goth, a planet beyond Neptune which humanity will soon discover. But even this planet is another planet is just one of their many areas of their habitation and that their interstellar species arise far beyond the Einstein-proposed space-continuum. In other words, far beyond the edges of the observable universe. The absence of a physical body should allow him to traverse with these magnificent beings.

Where is he?

The Whisperer in Darkness — the Study by Cmy Cai

After resting the house for a night, I thought I had heard some unusual sounds at the bottom of the stairs. I slowly tip-toed and opened the living room and came across the traveler who guided me here. He was wide asleep. I slowly closed the door. After I went to the area where my correspondence was, I couldn’t see him. The only thing visible were his gowns, which appeared to have been just thrown on the floor in a linear pattern.

The Encounter

Ernő Juhász

As I followed the gown, I saw it. A sleeping sentinel. Completely horrific and utterly indescribable. It was only thanks to my harder-than-hardest attempt to shut my mouth and an attempt to regain my very sanity was the reason I was able to halt my scream. I slowly crept out, jumped into the nearby truck and fled, never to return.

The Discovery


After some time, there it was. The news reported of a new ninth planet has been glimpsed across Neptune. They had decided to name the planet ‘Pluto’, which must be that accursed homeland. Or at least, one of their homelands.

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