The Time Machine by H. G. Wells- A Summary and Review

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The Time Machine, written by H.G. Wells in 1895, is a classic science-fiction book. It’s a story of how humanity can turn out in the eyes of a 19th century author. The story starts off with people doubtful of the notion of time travel with an attempt to dispel such misgivings. A time traveler heading to 8270 A.D reveals his interesting journey.

Summary + Spoilers

Saved by Roberta Wilson

There were a group of people in a house in a town in England. The time traveler talked about the ability to traverse the space-time continuum, something which was met with doubts and ridicule. In this, he decides to tell a story.

His journey begins with adjusting the dial and the lever of his machine which inadvertently led him into the 83rd century A.D. The entire of the world was different. There were a simple-minded small people who lived in palaces. The entire world is vegan, since animals such as chicken have been hunted to extinction. It appeared a tranquil society. A flirtatious girl became interested in him over time, gave him some white flowers.

During his storytelling, he put his hand down in his pocket and pulled out two white flowers. He placed it on the table. The audience had no visible reaction and the time traveler continued his exploration.

However, during the night, he discovered what appeared to be some white-ape humanoids, only to realise they were in fact humans. Humanity at this point at this point has spread into two distinct species, including Eloi and Morhani. The Eloi were the light dwellers who lived on the surface, whereas the night-based Morhani typically lived in the darkness of the underground.

His time machine was suddenly missing. He had no idea where it was. It was later discovered that it is most likely behind a bronze door, but communication between him and the Eloi was difficult. Their language was so different and they only spoke in verbs, more or less. He later suspected the Morhani were behind it.

After spending the darkness outside, the Morhani started to encircle him. He was running through the forest until he eventually came across the time travelling machine. He managed to calibrate the dial and pull the lever before he was able to be pulled back by the others.

He eventually teleported back to his time after a couple of attempts resulted in appearances at other points of history. After arriving back, he told the story in his town in England. There was still doubts and ridicule of his story. Some chose not to believe. Others stayed silent.

Everybody left, with the exception of one. He wanted slightly more evidence. The time traveler decided to predict the outcome of some immediate events. He handed the white flowers and told him to wait for about 30 minutes. It’s now been 3 years and he has never returned.


This was a simple story based on an otherwise complex outline. A simple adventure for the ones who just want a straight and easy story to read. It was definitely worth it to read such a classic. This was the origin of the idea to use a vehicle as a form of time machine. An interesting journey designed for both kids and children.

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