The Shadows Over Innsmouth- A Lovecraftian Tale

Innsmouth by Valentine Kulakov

A journey to an isolated town near the ocean full of strange and a weird people. A cult of strange worship and jewellery. Enigmatic knowledge and a forgotten race of people. A great H.P Lovecraft work. Psychological scare into the eyes of the reader with the manifestation of the unknown unique in each individual. This book is part of the Cthulu-Mythos. This article will follow the descent of an individual who travels to this curious town of Innsmouth. There will be spoilers.

Where are the old people?

Welcome To Innsmouth by Valentine Kulakov

One of the first observations of the actual town is the absence of the elderly population. Everyone appears to be young or middle-aged, but there doesn’t seem to be a single old person anywhere. Even more so, there doesn’t appear to be any cats or dogs visible anywhere either, something which is typically expected in any town.

The Unsettling Priest

AJ Tw @ Yaktribe

There appears to be a priest from a dark church visible against the blackness of the interior of the holy building. He was wearing quite an exquisite tiara, a material which he is sure he has seen somewhere before… Something about this material and the encounter with the priest appears to produce a feeling of unexplained dread.

A Closeted Town

Innsmouth by Innsmouth Facebook Community

Nobody appears to be willing to talk. Everyone is keeping to themselves. It’s as if the town has a collective understanding to not talk to strangers. A hive of ants. All of the townspeople, aside from one slightly-older individual who the people of the town perceive as a crazy person, appear to be quite avoidant. After a couple of drinks and a couple of attempts, the crazy guy is willing to talk, albeit with a great deal of reluctance.

A Shocking Revelation

Night Sea by Valentine Kulakov

The stranger appears to be make a shocking and a rather absurd revelation. There is great fear in him as he talks about the fantastical accounts of the goings-on of the town, constantly looking over at the ocean. He talks about some strange creatures living the underneath the town inside the water, with a dark place of temple worship at the bottom. He also claimed the people eventually choose to embrace the hideous nature of these supposed-beings in an effort to gain immortality, or at the very least, a long lifespan. He alleges that the elder races have existed before the very existence of humanity and that they have been residing here for the past 80,000 years.

A Screaming Disappearance

The Sinking City (2019)

The story of the stranger eventually led him screaming frantically and I was told to get out of the town as soon as possible. He was constantly looking into the ocean besides him, but there did not appear to be anything unusual anywhere. No figures or anomalous results, just the gentle, quite and rather silent ocean. He ran onto the nearby street as if escaping from someone or something. The screaming subsided as it began. The stranger was no longer to be seen.

A Fishy Situation

Shadow Over Innsmouth by Jason (Jihoo) Park

The bus to Arkham arrived earlier than usual. And yet, the driver reported an engine failure. That was unusual, as there did not appear to be any issues in arrival towards Innsmouth and the earlier disembarkation inside the town attests to this. Perhaps it was nothing, just a random failure. Of course. It was eventually decided to stay in a nearby hotel.

A Close Encounter

Shadow Over Innsmouth by Jason (Jihoo) Park

After having odd dreams in the hotel room, a subtle creaking alerted the journeyman. Perhaps he was just passing by, but the real quietness of the steps proved suspicious alongside the repugnant fishy odour. Suspicions confirmed. The door handle was slowly attempted upon. The best course of action was to travel to an adjacent door and then get off the window and down the ladder towards a second-story roof.

I Saw It

Shadow Over Innsmouth by Valentine Kulakov

As the attempted was being made to escape the town, there it was. Near the pathway, there appeared to be some random water dribbling on the ocean or possibly an animal, but nothing could have prepared for me what I saw. A feeling of dread filled for no discernible reason. Sanity was being broken into an incoherent place. There it was, the random water dribbles were not just random water dribbles, but in fact there was some weird fish-creatures with long stretchy arms. With a fishy, repugnant odour. The ocean was full of them. Numerous in numbers. Better get out of here. Right now.

The Collapse

Innsmouth by Seeming Watcher

During the escape of the town, a huge gathering of these fish-creatures were spotted. Or were they men? They also wore dark robes with the same piece of jewelry worn by the priest. They were so many of them. Couldn’t handle it. Sanity was being broken and broken. The very psych damaging down. Can’t handle anymore of it! Fainted.

The Missing Grandmother

Lonely Night by Valentine Kulakov

After recovering, the retreat to the nearby village and later to the subsequent towns and cities did not end the madness of experience. The authorities probably saw him as a deranged individual, a crazy person. Years later, there was an interest in the grandmother. She was quite secretive and disappeared in life a long time ago. Why the sudden renewed interest in her and her secretive lifestyle?

The Secret Bloodline

An image which I see around but unable to find the source

My research into the life of my grandmother led me to her wares. Among her many possessions, there were the usual items. This and that. Then, then there two oddly and dreading figurines which once again delved into my now sensitive psych and threatened to further unravel my sanity. With the discovery of the same tiara, the ultimate truth was becoming unbearable.

The Dreams and Ascension

Pier by Valentine Kulatov

There were sudden reoccurring dreams of the creatures of Innsmouth. But here’s the thing: Inside the dream, there was no dread in the presence of these beings, merely a feeling of delight and fulfillment. Whenever I woke up, the dreaded feeling returned. The dreams persisted. And persisted. Persisted. I want to go back. I want the feeling of fulfillment for the rest of my life. Eternal Life. Like my grandmother. I will go. I WILL GO. AND LIVE FOREVER AMONG THE SEA WITH THE DARK TEMPLE. NOTHING MORE THAN THE DELIGHT OF FULFILLMENT OF ETERNITY.

Writer. Reader of Novels. Video Gamer. Documentary Watcher. Tech nerd.

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