The Shadow Out of Time - A HP Lovecraftian Tale

I.N.J. Culbard

A break in memories and enigmatic dreams. A story traversing the space-time continuum. The past and present and the future at the same time. A strange journey out of time. Another great story by H.P. Lovecraft. One of his popular works.


Amnesia Video Game

I can’t remember my journey. There have been huge gaps in my memory and I can’t figure out why! I feel like huge chunks of my life is just missing. I was trying to find something… What was it? What was my campaign? I feel… So out of place.

Family Breakup

Anglia Counselling

By the time I reached my family, I felt totally alien to them. They no longer recognised me. My wife filed for divorce. She kept the daughter. The son, on the other hand, was with me. What caused this? An obsession over a lost expedition…

Unexplained Dreams

Gou Tanabe

I also had weird dreams which felt so real. I was writing things down. From a great height. Some place underground, it felt like. My skin felt alien. The massive height, alien skin, writing some information down with some odd pair of hands… Tentacles on my face, greeny colour…

Possible Connection

Providence #11, Century Variant 06 — Witch House; art by Raulo Caceres

I was researching books on ancient topics in regards to mythologies and dreams. Much to my astonishment, a lot of the dreams I had appear to match the mythology of the book. Apparently, this is a sign of superior beings. Superior beings who reside at the deep vacuum of space. To experience mankind, the best way to do this is via your eyes. Our eyes. Possession. This is absurd.

The Reveal

Providence #11, Century Variant 04 — Great Race; Art By Raulo Caceres

My dreams eventually become stronger and forceful. Until one day, it started to become clearer… My tentacle-faced skin and large height is a resemblance of an entity from outer space. I am surrounded by similar looking entities around this big table. Some are from the past, perhaps before the age of the universe and others are from the future. All coinciding, at the same time, from out of time.

The Hidden Door

“The door” By Mauricio Ga

In this dream, there appeared to be a door. A door which was heavily guarded at all time with a few alien-looking guards. Whatever it was, danger followed. Some great danger followed the other species and might have been responsible for their downfall. What could possibly be located behind the door? What kind of ethereal black mass lurks behind the very door which many were afraid of?



Surely, this can just be a purely overactive imagination? There is no way this can be true. There is no way this experience can be true. It can’t be… It just can’t. Sure there is a more rational explanation for all of this. There must be…

The Discovery

Finally figured out the source: 2008s Call of Cthulhu Video Game.

My son and other members of the university contacted me after they came across an ancient place in the deserts of Australia. Upon arrival, strange hieroglyphics were discovered upon the sands. Due to the weather, some parts of the text would be covered whilst the rest of it would be visible to above. The text shifts with the wind.


Vergvoktre By Frank T. Zumbach

I was exploring on my own. There was a dreaded force abiding by me. It led me to a distinct black hieroglyphic. This allowed me to travel underground to a place with an ancient architecture. I have never been here before, yet I knew exactly where to go. I knew exactly where to turn and to appear. Eventually, I came across the table, the very familiar ancient table… It couldn’t have been, but it was. I was there at the place of my dream. It was or is real. It’s true. All of it.

Deep Exploration

The Black Man by Jens Heimdahl

It had just occurred to me. There is nobody here. So… There should be nobody guarding those infernal doors… It was completely isolated. What could have they been guarding all those eons ago? If time is a straight-measurable construct, that is. I open the dreaded doors and proceeded. Nothing inside. I proceeded and explored, but nothing. Until eventually, I had the most dreaded and uncomfortable sensations of being ambushed. A black ethereal mass was converging on me. Converging me with blackness and blackness. And, I was gone. Pitch black.

Wake-up Call

Fields of Arrakis By Sebastian Prenner

As soon as I woke up, I was back on top of the surface at the desert, presumably close to the hieroglyphic in question. Was that all a dream? Was it real? It felt so real and this place is real… Whatever waits down there is far too terrible to be seen with the eyes of man. I need to discourage the others. I must find a way. I have to tell my son at the very least. I might be ridiculed, but it is the only way.

Writer. Reader of Novels. Video Gamer. Documentary Watcher. Tech nerd.

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