The Call of Cthulhu- A Lovecraftian Tale

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A hidden and forgotten research. Mysterious links to dreams and rituals. An interconnecting tale to the rise of an ancient one. A journey to the very edge of the Earth. Another great Lovecraft story. One of his most well-known material.

Great Uncle’s Death and Notes

Call Of Cthulhu Wallpaper by Ryan Johnson

My uncle passed away. He was 92. He was a leading archaeologist or paleontologist. An eminent professor. I was cleaning up his room, when I came across some archival material. It turned out to be a research of a global phenomenon, analysing rituals of various tribes and customs.

Tribes and Cthulhu

Arctic Researches and Life Among the Esquimaux: Being the Narrative of an Expedition in Search of Sir John Franklin in the Years 1860, 1861, and 1862 by Charles Francis Hall (1865)

Alongside the weird and unusual dreams of an assistant of the professor depicting a strange creature as indicated by the notes, there is an investigative research into the tribes who are isolated from the rest of the world. This includes a tribe in Greenland and a negro tribe located elsewhere. And despite the isolation, the rituals of their tribe indicated a worship of an entity referred to “Cthulhu”. How do two very separated people end worshiping the same deity?

The Ritual and Massacre


There was a report of people causing annoyance. And possible disappearances. The police were called to investigate. As the police were entering the forest, they momentarily had a moment of fear due to a red glow appearing from the area where there appears to be odd chanting. A lot of chanting. After they were located during their ritual, they were also seen referring to “Cthulhu”. The police attempted to apprehend everyone, killing 5 people and imprisoning the rest.

Iram of the Pillars

Pillars by Merl1ncz

One of the arrested ritualists confessed that the centre of their cult is located at Iram, the city of the Pillars. This was also referred to in The Nameless City. Also known as Atlantis of the Sands or the City of Ubar, this area was first mentioned in the Qur-an as a city with ‘lofty pillars’, whose inhabitants were punished for their disbelief in God with a giant sandstorm being sent to the city for 7 days and 8 nights.

The Odd Encounter

Call Of Cthulhu Wallpaper by Ryan Johnson

A Norwegian sailor off the coast of New Zealand reported back a disturbing discovery. He was sailing across the Pacific, only to come across another ship. He came into contact with some odd-looking sailors in the middle of the sea who attempted to block them from approaching a destination. This led to fight which eventually took the life the captain and his first-mate, as well as the attackers. Why were they here in the first place? What were they protecting? Or looking for?

Need Further Notes

An image I see around.

I decided to travel to Oslo to meet this sailor. I need more information on what he had encountered deep into the Pacific. Upon travelling to the address, his wife answered the door, only to discover that her husband had died abruptly, much like my uncle. This wife reluctantly allowed me to read the diary compiled by the Norwegian sailor.


Temple of the Ancient God by Timur Kvasov

After commandeering the attacker’s boat, the sailors proceeded towards the undisclosed location. There, they came across a weird geometrical piece of architecture. A massive temple? They were unable to decipher whether the entrance of the temple were more in-line as a trapdoor or a ceiling door. Everything about it was simply undecipherable. It was completely alien-like. Definitely not from the Earth.


The Call of Cthulhu by François Baranger

After travelling to the architecture and looking inwards towards the alien city, there it was. With the giant tentacle or squid-like face and massive body, the monster ascended. They inadvertently triggered his ascension. He came crawling out of the temple. The great Cthulhu had finally awakened.

The Escape

The Call of Cthulhu by François Baranger

The crew members hurriedly ran back to the ship, starting their engine and sails and instantly sailed back through the ocean. Not everyone the made it. One of the crew members looked back at the creature and produced a maniac laughter which could not be contained. His sanity had been breached. Everybody else escapes unharmed.

The Circle Must Be Broken

The circle must be broken by Kerast

There appeared to be a curious correlation between all the events. The rituals all appear to have been happening at the same day, more or less, all around the world from isolated tribes. How did they do this? This also corresponded with the odd dreams. It appears that the collective ritual performance creates the energy to resuscitate the great Cthulhu, who had otherwise been immobile for a really, really long time. The link must not be discovered. The power of Cthulhu must not be discovered. It’s enough to drive a sane man into the very depth of his abyss.

Your Next

Sea Night Rain Cthulhu Fantasy Art

My great uncle had discovered the truth and the link between the tribes, the dreams and Cthulhu. He died abruptly. The Norwegian witnessed the Cthulhu for himself. He died abruptly. I know a lot of information too. Discovered the link, discovered the voyage. I know, perhaps too much.

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