Pandemic — Albert G. Riddle Book Review

Book Cover

A pandemic like never seen before. An idiosyncratic disease, infecting billions of people and the race to the fight to find the cure. This 2017 Albert G. Riddle book is a great adventure and thriller as Desmond and Payton fight against time to find the antidote to save humanity, or everything will be gone as they know it to be.

Storyline (Early Spoilers)

The story follows Desmond, a security operative who appears to be suffering from amnesia, yet is having vague recollections of his past and his personal link to the emerging pandemic. He ends up in Germany in an attempt to regain his memories. On the other side of the world, Payton travels to Africa on behalf of the CDC (Center of Disease Control) to investigate another Ebola-like outbreak, whilst a common flu is spreading across the streets of North America. It was previously suggested that bats were the most likely origin of the deadlier disease, but is later implied to be some sort of a biological weapon.

At the same time, Elliot, another member of the CDC, fights for the survival of his family in North America as they are separated due to the symptomatic background and degrading health of his beloved wife.

With the virus ravaging the entire world, discover the journey of Desmond and Payton as they survive diseases, kidnappings and are entangled in a worldwide conspiracy as they allude a deadly organisation and traverse four continents to discover the terrible truth and their sinister endgame.


A great adventure-thriller read, with stories highly reminiscent of the current global affairs and of the possible trajectory which our own future can take. Highly recommended to those who are interesting in worldwide conspiracy-based thrillers and of those who have a general interests in the fields of epidemiology and disease control.

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