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  • K. Barrett

    K. Barrett

    I’m an educator, mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend, reader, writer, photographer, and health enthusiast, connecting with and helping others through writing.

  • MaryJo Wagner, PhD

    MaryJo Wagner, PhD

    Non-fiction writing coach with ADHD loves reading, writing, the mountains, Bach and Willa Cather. Get “9 Tips for Readable Writing” at maryjo@mjwagner.com

  • Daniela Marin

    Daniela Marin

    Licensed Therapist, Blogger, CEO of HealingRight, Co-founder of Psychustle, Journal Creator & Seller. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNhVM6HTbv7xiRztMTYNldw

  • Jason Sypsa

    Jason Sypsa

  • The Episodic Novelist

    The Episodic Novelist

    An African born writer, journalist and author best known as The Episodic Novelist, and a woman who loves to laugh, listen to music and is in love with love.

  • Raditya Yudha.B

    Raditya Yudha.B

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