Dune- Vanity Fair Subtly Removed Greta Thunberg Reference

Earlier today, I noticed an image alteration, which I talked about in my previous article. Now, another alteration has been mentioned. Here is an archival image of the article in regards to the Greta Thunberg reference:

Original Article

Here is the latest version of the article, without the reference:

Altered Article

As seen, the original article’s reference to Greta Thunberg has now been removed. Alongside the image alteration, Vanity Fair appears to be subtly changing aspects of the report.

Max von Sydow (Left), Sharon Duncan-Brewster (Right)

Insider sources, some with access to the alleged leaked Dune script, have claimed that Dune will not be considered as “woke” and everything is as close to the books as possible. However, the article seems to suggest otherwise, such as with the gender-swap of the character of Liet Kynes, who is described as a man in the book and was previously portrayed by the late Max von Sydow. He is now portrayed by Sharon Duncan-Brewster. There currently appears to be arguments from both sides in regards to this. The reaction from the audience is the most likely reason for the reference to have been taken out.



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