Dune — Trailer Expected Next Week

It’s been a long time coming. After many past speculations, it turns out they are finally paying off. Trailer-Track reports the new Dune trailer is now rated and ready to publish.

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G. Certification

The first trailer for the Frank Herbert adaptation has been rated today by the Quebec Ratings Board — in time for the Canadian release of Tenet on August 27. — Trailer-Track

The idea that the Dune trailer will premier alongside the premier of Tenet was in fact the initial speculation too. It turns out that the trailer was actually ready for quite some time, according to Secrets of Dune.

I can confirm a trailer is ready and it has been ready for some time. — SOD

This is the same user who has previously provided the still images of the Ornithopters, making his statements credible.

In terms of the G-rating: This is simply for the trailer itself. This will not be respective of the movie. The miniseries alone, which was quite accurate to the book, had a lot of mature elements which had to be removed for the American audience.

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Qubec Rating Board

And to further reinforce the release date, the famous American comic book writer, host and Youtuber Grace Randoph also had a certain detail to reveal about Dune. She has access to insider information and has provided scoops in the past. According to her:

Tweet Transcript:

Okay, checked with my sources
and here’s some trailer tea — which Baby Yoda is sipping down below!

#TheMandalorian Season 2 trailer is indeed tomorrow night during the NBA game!

#Dune trailer is next week! — Grace Randolph

The sources from both Grace Randolph and Trailer-Track alongside the confirmation of the trailer already being ready by Secrets of Dune with some members of press having already seen it, with Stephen Colbert being speculated as one of them, make the speculations this time seem all the more credible.

I’m also excited about your upcoming film Dune. I just saw the trailer, and you look fierce. — Patrisse Cullors

The last significant reveal was back in April, when character stills were released, showing off the characters of Timothee Chalamet (Interstellar, The King) Zendaya (MCU Spiderman), Josh Brolin (Avengers), Oscar Isaac (Disney’s Star Wars), Rebecca Ferguson (The White Queen, Mission Impossible 5 & 6), Javier Bardem (No Country for Old Men, Pirates of the Caribbean 5), Jason Momoa (Aquaman, Game of Thrones) and others.

An impressive cast.

Trailer Contents

As for what will be inside the trailer:

This is based on the information provided by Secrets of Dune.

Why Hans Zimmer is Perfect for DUNE by Secrets of Dune

Dune was incredible. I wasn’t in it very much, so when I was watching the trailer, I was like, “Oh my gosh!” I called Timothée [Chalamet, who stars in it] and said, “Dude! You should be proud.” It is a big deal to even be a small part of something with such a massive cast. And I love sci-fi stuff too. It’s fun to escape into another world. — Zendaya

Tenet will premier internationally on Wednesday 26th August 2020.

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Baron Harkonnen by Sam Weber

The trailer, this time, is imminent.

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