Dune Look- Vanity Fair Image Altered?

The Vanity Fair image of Dune starring Timothee Chalamet and Rebecca Ferguson at the top of the page appears to be altered. Here is the original image:

Image for post
Image for post
Vanity Fair (Original)

Here is the image which is currently seen:

Image for post
Image for post
Vanity Fair (Altered)

There appears to be two distinctions here. One, the desert sand has been blurred. Also, the white objects (red circle) are no longer visible in this latest image. Here is the comparison, side by side:

Image for post
Image for post
Altered (left) Vs Original (Right)

According to an older video with actor Josh Brolin, the white objects were more than likely the white tents used by the production team:

Josh Brolin filming in Jordan

As far as I am aware, nobody else has currently picked this up. It was a subtle change. It might be understandable to remove the white tents in the background, even though it should have been checked beforehand, buy why blur the sand? The original images were great as they were and well received by the mainstream audience. Hopefully, they do not alter anything else.

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