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Secrets Of Dune

There have been unofficial but high quality images released in regards to the upcoming Denis Villeneuve movie. They were primarily released by Secrets of Dune, author of the upcoming book “Secrets of Dune”, which explores the Arabian and Islamic inspiration behind the series. Ornithopters are the most common means of air transportation in the Duniverse. Without further ado:

Secrets Of Dune

The following image appears to show a damaged Ornithopter, perhaps due to aerial warfare or a crash landing:

Ornithopter — Possibly of Harkonnen Origin — Deserts of Jordan

Here is another and a more undamaged version:

Ornithopter — Blue and Peach Effects — Origo Studios

The image below appears to show another ornithopter, only this time to be covered with a purple tint. This is highly reminiscent with the atmosphere of Blade Runner 2049, the previous film created by Denis Villeneuve:

Ornithopter — Purple Ambiance — Origo Studios
Dune — Ornithopter (L) and Blade Runner 2049 — A.I Joe (R)

This following behind-the-scenes image also has Blade Runner 2049 vibes:

Behind The Scenes — Orange Atmosphere — Probably Origo Studios
Blade Runner 2049 (L) and Dune — Behind The Scenes (R)

Additional Images

The next recent picture below simply shows chairs:

Chairs for Rebecca Ferguson (Lady Jessica), Sharon Duncan-Brewster (Kynes), Timothee Chalament (Paul Atreides) and Jason Momoa (Duncan Idaho)

Here are two older images regarding ornithopters:

Origo Studios
Probably Origo Studios

Here is an older released image by Empire Magazine which I have not previously covered:

Paul Atreides (Timothee Chalamet)— Empire Magazine

I have previously covered official images by Vanity Fair (original and altered version)and Empire Magazine. With Han Zimmer scoring the movie and with a great cast and a director responsible one of the greatest movies out there, the expectations are high.

I’m driving everybody crazy on “Dune” because I’m so full of ideas. And it’s Denis, you know? He lets me be part of this world. It’s totally and utterly inspiring, and it’s great people I get to work with — scrap the word “work,” it’s great people I get to play with. — Han Zimmer

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