Dune — Colbert Cast Interview Image Analysis & Comic Con Reveal

An image has recently appeared online which appears to show Stephen Colbert interviewing the members of the Dune cast. It is no coincidence this was posted a week after the official Twitter Movies account asked its users to produce questions for its cast. The following article will discuss the credibility of the leak, the questions asked and interesting book-related information from Comic Con.

Colbert-Cast Conversation

The leaks appear to suggest an upcoming cast interview alongside Stephen Colbert. The first time something of relevance came to be was on the 24th July 2020:

Tweet Transcript

We can’t be the only ones who have an entire list of questions ready for the cast of Dune right — TwitterMovies

Judging by the seriousness of the conversation, this appears to be legitimate. To further reinforce its credibility, this was retweeted by the official Dune account:

Without further ado, this was the leaked image:

This image appears to show a behind-the-scenes preparation of the interview with hints of a casual talk. The interviewees can be seen on the top-left and right-edge sections of the image.

Upon closer inspection, from left to right from the top to bottom, it appears show Stephen Colbert (big Dune fan), a bearded guy, Timothee Chalamet (Paul Atreides), Blank Space (probably Zendaya celebrating the Emmy nomination), Rebecca Ferguson (Lady Jessica), Jason Momoa (Duncan Idaho), Sharon Duncan-Brewster (Liet-Kynes), Josh Brolin (Guerney Halleck), Javier Bardem (Stilgard) and the Dune logo itself.

I can be mistaken, of course, but this is who I perceived. The bearded guy and the last person next to the logo both look like Javier Bardem to me. They will most likely answers the questions from the successive tweets. There were also other variations of the image:

Rebecca Ferguson (Lady Jessica) herself stated that she will be getting ready for a set of interviews.

Intriguingly, she said she was being interviewed through Zoom. Will the cast members use Zoom on Stephen Colbert, or is this for a separate interview? She does appear to be wearing the same colours as in the Stephen Colbert image. These interviews alongside the reshoots would create for a busy month. Another factor which further improves the viability of the leak is the DMCA takedown:

Tweet Transcript:

Return of the #Dune DMCA Takedowns!
I’ve just received a takedown notice on the photo I shared of Stephen Colbert interviewing the Dune cast.
On a positive note this at least shows that WarnerBros are paying attention to Dune!
#DuneMovie #Dune202DuneInfo

One can expect the preview/trailer either on the 12th August or the 21st August in correlation with the overseas re-release of Inception and premier of Tenet respectively, as corresponded by Trailer-Track. The structure by the initial speculation appeared to be correct.

The Dune marketing campaign can now be expected to take speed. Even Jason Momoa is taking part. Let’s hope they learnt from the marketing flaws of Blade Runner 2049. That was a great film which flopped in North America, even though it did reasonably well internationally. Let’s hope Dune’s box office reflects its creative vision!

The Questions

This section of the article will transcript some of the questions asked by the twitter fans of Dune. I will answer the questions of which I have a reasonable understanding:

question number one, WHEN IS THE DAMN TRAILER COMING OUT — qLxke_

The trailer is expected to arrive either on the 12th August alongside the re-release of Inception or at the 21st August next to the release of Tenet.

okay! when can we expect to see the trailer when can we expect the teaser of the trailer should we expect another release date change and not a question but a statement of fact: if this ends up as a surprise dune panel at comic con I will faint! — wintermorningz

The film is not expected to be delayed. Of all the films which were delayed by Warner Bros, Dune was never one of them. There are two reasons for this: It’s the Oscar season, although that might get cancelled. Secondly, December has marked the successful beginnings of various franchises, such as the Tolkien Universe, The Chronicles of Narnia, Sherlock Holmes, Aquaman and Avatar (?). Warner Bros hopes Dune can do the same.

Liet Kynes woman? okay so, first i want to see the movie — RuggeriLucio

Yes, this was confirmed in the older Vanity Fair article.

If it’s serious, for the whole cast — can they each describe a movie in 3 words? — rfergusonweb


has feyd been cast — TCHALATREIDES

Unlikely, he wasn’t in the script. Maybe in the prescience…

Ok, so I want to ask @RealChalamet if he has read more than only the first book and who is his favorite character. — Atrydka

No clue.

Favorite sci-fi movie ever?? And Oscar Isaac, you can’t say Ex Machina. — JDubs

Blade Runner 2049?

something about paul’s hair and desert sand — thegrlfromperth

I don’t think there is any wind in Arrakis, is there? Otherwise, his hair would look like a giant honey melon or sponge. There probably is, I guess.

Who will play Irulan and Feyd? Will they appear in the first movie? — Atrydka

They will most likely not. The princess wasn’t even mentioned in the script. Feyd was simply referenced.

Who has been cast as Irulan corrino?@dunemovieIrulanCorrinos


Ok, I’ll bite. Favorite thing in filming the movie? Favorite place where they shot? What life lesson, if anything, did they take away from the story? Did they all read the book? Did they watch the original movie or did they prefer to go in only based on the book and script? — manueladb

Some cast members have read the book. Their favourite location is probably Jordan, due to the mesmerizing Wadi Rum…

Additional Information

For more related information, please check out the Q&A video by Secrets of Dune, who is believed to possess some insider information. After all, he was the one who leaked the latest still images in regards to the Ornithopters. He recently talked about the casting of Oscar Isaac and Jason Momoa.

In Other News

There was a recent ComicCon Panel with Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. They talked about how they are not trying to creating some totally original, but instead are always basing their works on the notes of Frank Herbert. They also discussed the new Dune materials which are being published. These include DUNE: The Graphic Novel, DUNE: HOUSE ATREIDES and Dune: The Duke of Caladan.

Dune: The Graphic Novel

This is the adaption of the original book and it will divided into three issues. The first part will be release on the 10th December 2020 after being delayed from October. Some of the artwork are as follows:

Dune: House Atreides

This was based on the prequel book Dune: House Atreides. This will also be divided into separate issues. The artwork are as followed:

Dune: The Duke of Caladan

This will be the first of a new trilogy of prequel books. The first book will follow the story of Duke Leto Atreides in the events immediately preceding to the original novel in anticipation of the movie. The book will probably end with the declaration of House Atreides being granted the fiefdom over the planet of Arrakis. The successive books will delve into the journeys of Lady Jessica and Paul Atreides.

Frank Herbert’s DUNE is #1 on the current Washington Post mass market paperback bestseller list. More than 50 years after the novel’s 1st publication, and 34 years after my father passed away. He lives on through his incredible, beloved novel. — Brian Herbert


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