A viral pandemic, conflicting ideals and corporate politics all accumulate into a diverse and compelling storyline.

Resident Evil 6


A trip to the African continent with another virus unleashed and another investigation to pursue.

Resident Evil 5


Isolated village, rural countryside, a deadly virus. All of the recipe needed to create a journey with the right amount of action with suspenseful undertones.

Leon S. Kennedy


A crash into the Sahara, missing expedition members and a journey to the past beyond known civilisations, a nice blend of story and horror surrounds this enigmatic experience.

Amnesia Rebirth Poster


A Mixture of Horror & Action Whilst Leaning Towards its Suspensive Atmosphere and Intriguing Story.

Resident Evil 3


A Clash of Dimensions and More Classic Adventures with the Favourites as we go onto Another Round of a Fantastical Journey!

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart.


A review of the second instalment in the zombie-killing franchise.


Arnold Khan

Writer. Reader of Novels. Video Gamer. Documentary Watcher. Tech nerd.

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