The trailer of Dune is now widespread across the internet. In one month, it has managed to surpass the DC Fandom Teaser for Batman and the Official Main Trailer of Wonder Woman 1984, both of which have been already out for two months during the hype of the DC fandom. The trailer has been largely positively received and generally liked by everyone who watched it. However, this begs the question: What is the story actually about? This is something which newcomers might not be able to figure out from the trailer. …

2020 Film Review

The New Mutant — Blu-Ray Cover

The last movie of Fox’s X-Men universe. After being delayed countless times, I finally managed to watch this suspenseful-horror film. The movie revolves around a medical facility which is designed to help mutants to understand and control their abilities. Supposedly. And in there, arrives the latest patient…


Whilst this was based in Fox’s X-Men universe, I do not remember any specific reference to other X-Men films. They are mentioned, but there are no particular characters or events mentioned. The movie itself is largely realistic with the obvious blends of the mutant abilities being the only fantasy elements present. The atmosphere is dark and with an ever present suspenseful undertones. …

There are many promising planets for possible human habitation. What could possibly go wrong?

Mass Effect: Andromeda (PS4) — Screenshot: Author

This game is the fourth installment of the Mass Effect series. Whilst the previous trilogy takes place in The Milky Way, this game will take players on a journey to the Andromeda galaxy to further the reaches of humanity in the name of exploration and research. There are many promising planets for possible human habitation. What could possibly go wrong?


Just like the previous Mass Effect games, Andromeda is a filled with a rich science-fiction world. There exists Faster Than Light (FTL) means of transportation, spaceships, jet-packs, giant terraforming structures, intergalactic conflicts and intelligent species of aliens who bear a similar mode of morality to human beings. …

Miniseries Review

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The White Queen — Screenshot: Author

Quick disclaimer: This review is based on my 3rd or 4th watch of the series.

Game of Thrones was heavily inspired by the War of the Roses, a conflict based in 15th century England between noble families fighting for the British throne. It’s primarily a fight between House Lancaster and House York. It was a great series filled with political intrigue.


Everything, including the society, architecture and customs are based on 15th century Britain. The filming locations were chosen to properly represent this specific time period. Filming occurred in England and also Brussels since this particular location was highly reminiscent of the period. The costumes were also quite exotic and went through a lot of research for the show. …

Dune: The Duke of Caladan by Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson

The beginning of the 4th prequel trilogy, written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. As with most of their prequel novels, this book highlights the backstory of the main characters of Dune. The book focuses on Leto Atreides, the father of Paul Atreides. The two subsequent books will be focused on the Lady Jessica and Paul Atreides himself. The trilogy as a whole will lead directly into the events of the first film. This specific book takes place 2 years prior to the original novel.


As with all of their previous Dune works, Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson have produced a rich world based on the notes of Frank Herbert. The story revolves primarily on the planet Caladan, the Atreides homeworld, alongside some other areas of interest. …

A lucky group of audience have managed to already see Dune as part of a testing group. Allegedly. However, this film was likely incomplete. Even then, the review score was pretty high and this was from an audience who had no familiarity in the Duniverse. The following will group the scenes of the movie based on the script and compare it against the unconfirmed screening.

Warner Bros, please don’t take this article. I am merely advertising the movie. For no extra charge. And don’t worry about spoilers: It’s based on a 1965 book which was adapted into a 1984 film and later a 2000 miniseries. The film structure is practically identical to the miniseries. The story is already out there! The reason Blade Runner 2049 was domestically unsuccessful was because of a botched marketing campaign. Over here, this analysis will entice people to come out and be familiar with Dune. This in turn will encourage people to watch the complex film, which is not easily digestible in the first place as it’s primarily designed for mature audiences! …

Lovecraft Country Poster

The journey of Atticus, a black man trying to uncover the truth of his mysterious maternal parentage in search of his father through a perilous trip in 1950s America. He attempts to locate the ominous town of Ardham, which does not appear in any known maps with the last census of the city dating back to 200 years prior. There, he’ll come face to face with a society which will forever change his perception of reality…


The world of Lovecraft Country is based in 1950s America, at a time when racism and harassment against the Black population was at an all-time high. The movie has a huge emphasis on the hatred of the time and it forms a big part of the narrative. As Atticus tries to discover the truth of his mother’s past, every corner is rife with the white population trying to hinder his journey at every turn, blended with ripples of hints of a Lovecraftian undertone. …

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Dead Catch (2019) by T. F. Muir

Over at the coasts of Scotland, a boat has landed to shore. What first appears to be an old boat stranded on shore due to the stormy nights opens up a casket of mysteries and murders. The story of a police investigator’s journey to uncover a string of unanswerable questions and to finding the missing link connecting seemingly isolated events together is one which is definitely worth the read.


The story takes place in a Scottish town which resides near the coast. A small community with its own host of pubs, as per British tradition. The town itself is surrounded by meadows at the far edges and the community is generally quite. …

We have some behind the scenes images, primarily of Anya Chalotra (Yennefer) and Freya Allan (Ciri) filming at the High and Low Force Waterfall in the county of Durham in the North-East of England, U.K. The images were compiled from the courtesy of Redanian Intelligence. Without further ado:


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Epic Dune Poster by Jamie Stark

Dune has been officially delayed to early October 2021. This is not a sign of negativity for the movie. In fact, it’s quite the contrary. Warner Bros delaying Dune is actually a sign of the studio’s confidence in the success of the Denis Villeneuve movie. That is at least according to industry analysts.

Enormous Pressure

Comscore Senior Media Analyst Paul Dergarabedian compares the Dune situation to Lord of the Rings. This is in terms of its massive pressure to generate enough money to create an immediate profit as well as justify a sequel and the beginning of a massive franchise. This includes, but is not limited to: sequels, spin-offs and merchandises. …


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