2021s Malcolm & Marie — Movie Structure

A couple-arguing ride starring John David Washington and Zendaya.

As of the writing of this article, this drama film is expected to premier next week on Netflix. This article will highlight the scenes from the script to expect from the film. Pretty much the entire film takes place in a single setting as the production was entirely reverse-engineered from the effects of the pandemic. There will be spoilers. Without further ado:


  • Malcolm & Marie enter the house.
  • Malcolm makes a drink and Marie heads to the bed.
  • Malcolm is singing as Marie pees. They then kiss in the kitchen.
  • Malcolm gloats his directing achievement. Marie remains mainly silent.
  • Malcolm talks and kisses Marie as she makes Mac & Cheese for him.
  • An argument starts to built up as Marie mixes in all of the ingredients.
  • Malcolm finds out the source of Marie’s disconnection: He did not thank her during the awards speech.


  • Malcolm eats Mac & Cheese as he thinks and speaks out loud.
  • Marie enters as she overhears his thoughts, complaining of verbal abuse.
  • Marie continues the conservation of him not thanking her whilst he would always thank others.
  • They discuss the film and impact it would have without her inspiration.
  • She calls him an “emotional f******* terrorist”.
  • He gradually kisses a reluctant Marie all over during the conversation.
  • They both then kiss passionately as they talk about Malcolm’s future.


  • It’s a chilly night.
  • Marie takes a cigarette and smokes at the backyard.
  • Malcom stares at her through the window.
  • Malcom plays a song: “I forgot to be your lover” by William Bell.
  • Marie smiles, but can’t hold it in. She gets tearful.


  • Malcolm sings along, only to notice Marie is gone.
  • He searches around for her around the house.
  • She jumpscares her and Malcolm reacts.


  • Malcolm and Marie have an honest discussion.
  • It then heats up again, after Malcolm refers to Marie as an “emotional lap dog”.
  • Argument continues as they both enter the bedroom.
  • He makes her feel guilty for believing she has ‘given up’.
  • After a rant, Marie becomes tearful and leaves for the bedroom.
  • A montage of sequences, ending with Marie in the bathtub.


  • Malcolm enters the bathroom to talk with Marie.
  • Malcolm starts to escalate the discussion.


  • Malcolm walks away from the bathroom, shouting and yelling.
  • Malcolm carries on ranting.


  • Malcom re-enters the bathroom and to let out his rant.
  • He talks about the character of ‘Imani’ and its origin. He mentions how insignificant she was in its creation.
  • He mentions how his past relationships helped him to create the character, making Marie feel further side-lined.
  • Marie breaks in to tears in the bathtub.


  • Malcolm pours a drink and suddenly puts the glass down to march to the bathroom.
  • He carries on talking.


  • Malcolm carries on a long rant.
  • Marie starts to cry.
  • Malcolm then finishes off with comforting words and walks off.
  • Marie continues to cry.

[There was a possible scene here where Marie pulls herself together to get dressed. Judging by the age-rating information, however, this likely did not make it to the final cut]


  • Malcolm smokes and drinks outside, still frustrated.
  • Marie arrives and grabs the cigarette from Malcolm.
  • She sits next to him and plays “Get Rid Of Him” by Dionne Warwick from her phone.
  • She stares at Malcolm with a funny smile, but he has no reaction.
  • Marie retreats as she carries on smoking.
  • Malcolm wants to hold Marie, but a sense of pride interferes.
  • They both travel back and forth over the course of the song.
  • Malcolm walks back inside, leaving Marie by herself, who is hooting an owl.


  • Malcolm paces around the living room, talking to himself. At 2am.
  • Marie enters the room.
  • Malcolm tries to find the review for his film via the internet.
  • He can’t find his wallet to pay for a firewall to access the review.


  • Malcom finally manages to read the reviews.
  • Malcolm and Marie joke around with each other, making each other laugh.
  • Even though it’s a masterpiece, Malcolm starts to rant and Marie listens to his complaints.
  • After a long rant, Marie manages to cheer him up.
  • Marie sits on Malcolm.
  • They start lovemaking, but Malcolm has to pee.
  • When Malcolm comes, Marie’s happiness vanishes. She starts a discussion, possibly jealous of the casting.
  • Malcolm marches out for a drink, but the arguments continue.
  • Marie becomes tearful again and slams the door shut as she enters the bathroom.
  • She steps out with a knife, demanding drugs and admitting she was never clean in the first place. She also confesses to being a thief, whore and a liar.
  • Malcolm figures out the ruse and wonders why she didn’t do this at the audition as she slams to the door to the bedroom.
  • He enters the bedroom and they become playful. It’s implied this entire film might have been a ruse to show Malcolm she could have done better in a certain scene in the in-movie film.
  • Conversation eventually becomes serious again. After an extended period of time, she gets emotional.


  • Marie is outside smoking a cigarette.
  • She tells Malcolm why his counterarguments were flawed.


  • A series of shots getting ready for bed.
  • Constantly missing each others’ cue.


  • They’re finally in bed with Malcolm kissing Marie.
  • Malcolm finally says “Thank you”.
  • Malcolm wakes up and can’t find her anywhere.
  • He eventually spots her on the hill.
  • He approaches beside her and both of them look off into the distance.

[The End]


This script was much more straight forward and simpler compared to the Dune script. It feels like we’ll be in for a thrilling emotional rollercoaster! I just hope this doesn’t lead me to hating them too much…

Writer. Reader of Novels. Video Gamer. Documentary Watcher. Tech nerd.

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