2021s Malcolm & Marie — Movie Structure

A couple-arguing ride starring John David Washington and Zendaya.

As of the writing of this article, this drama film is expected to premier next week on Netflix. This article will highlight the scenes from the script to expect from the film. Pretty much the entire film takes place in a single setting as the production was entirely reverse-engineered from the effects of the pandemic. There will be spoilers. Without further ado:


  • Malcolm & Marie enter the house.


  • Malcolm eats Mac & Cheese as he thinks and speaks out loud.


  • It’s a chilly night.


  • Malcolm sings along, only to notice Marie is gone.


  • Malcolm and Marie have an honest discussion.


  • Malcolm enters the bathroom to talk with Marie.


  • Malcolm walks away from the bathroom, shouting and yelling.


  • Malcom re-enters the bathroom and to let out his rant.


  • Malcolm pours a drink and suddenly puts the glass down to march to the bathroom.


  • Malcolm carries on a long rant.

[There was a possible scene here where Marie pulls herself together to get dressed. Judging by the age-rating information, however, this likely did not make it to the final cut]


  • Malcolm smokes and drinks outside, still frustrated.


  • Malcolm paces around the living room, talking to himself. At 2am.


  • Malcom finally manages to read the reviews.


  • Marie is outside smoking a cigarette.


  • A series of shots getting ready for bed.


  • They’re finally in bed with Malcolm kissing Marie.

[The End]


This script was much more straight forward and simpler compared to the Dune script. It feels like we’ll be in for a thrilling emotional rollercoaster! I just hope this doesn’t lead me to hating them too much…

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